why did ahadi kill uru

Ahadi and Rafiki talk all day, and when night falls, Ahadi offers Rafiki a place to sleep. Rafiki then comes to stand beside Ahadi, who demands to know why the buffalo had attacked his sons. A part of you even believes as Ahadi says and that you were to blame for Uru's death. How The Lion Guard Affects the Existing Canon. Also, Ahadi looks abosultely nothing like Mohatu. Arguably, the king has even more duties Anymore questions just ask. According to the text of A Tale of Two Brothers, Ahadi is a golden-furred lion with a long, black mane and bright, green eyes. He is also shown as an understanding father. Here they are. Ahadi had the same facial features as scar. The cave was just as clean as the front enterance. But Ahadi reminds Taka that a king had great responsibilities, and that Mufasa seemed to understand these things. Also he had to hunt for himself since there was no lionesses around. Ahadi promises to take care of them later, but is interrupted by the ostrich. Read hot and popular stories about uru on Wattpad. Ahadi heartily agrees, then proclaims that he could already feel the wonderful times coming ahead. He asked her, in genuine confusion. Narrator: Mufasa and Taka Grew and Grew, Into Teenagers. Rafiki assures Mufasa that he will look after Taka, but Ahadi still warns the buffalo that it had better not be a serious injury. She is the mate of Ahadi, and the mother of Mufasa, Thema and Taka. After being ordered away, the three run off. He keeps his head in a crisis, and does his best to take problems head-on. Photo of Ahadi & Uru for fans of The Lion King 5397735. Ahadi has golden fur and a reddish-brown mane. She snapped. When a traveling baboon, Rafiki, wanders into the Pridelands, he is attacked by three mangy hyenas at Five Stones. He tells the desperate animals that he will take care of the hyenas, and that Uru was out searching for a new water source, and that they would all have to be patient until she returned. leader of the Guard before Scar. Mufasa asks Taka why he had angered Boma, and Taka admits that he wanted to embarrass Mufasa and get even with Ahadi for breaking his promise. Let me know in the comments! The next day, Ahadi is facing a crowd of shouting giraffes, zebras, warthogs, and other African animals. He then promises that he will never forget what had happened that day. While Uru leaves to search for a new source of food and water, Ahadi remains at Pride Rock to govern the Pride Landers and care for his sons. But Taka begins complaining that "daddy's favorite" always got more attention. The Uruks in the service of Barad-dûr used the symbol of the red Eye of Sauron. Ahadi was king of the Pride Lands in A Tale of Two Brothers. Find the hottest uru stories you'll love. He asked Ahadi and Uru why he wasn't the future king of the Pride Lands. When they arrive, Taka wanders off, but Ahadi stays, and tells Rafiki that his mate, Uru, was away, out seeking a new source of water and food. He was aiming for a lone wildebeest, grazing in the grass. That is not permitted in the Pride Lands. But Ahadi wanted the Pridelands to thrive and to be led by a wise king. Despite this, Ahadi does care deeply for his children and is greatly angered with Boma's herd when they almost kill his son. ... but that is why there is a text box giving credit to whom you got the piece from. Zuzu bows her head, politely accepting his words. Uru did because she respected Ahadi’s friend. Broken. 5. Alone. Sarafina told Uru to give her the bone. Rafiki follows the king and his sons back to Pride Rock. Ahadi said it was because Mufasa was their oldest cub, so he would be the most mature cub to take over the Pride Lands when one of us die. Uru was the second named queen of the Pride Lands. When Ahadi was gone Sarafina had an evil plan to kill Uru. added by huddy_ Source: google. Not much could be said about his usage of power; however, it was suggested that he was responsible and used his powers only to the benefit of his subjects rather than to achieve his own ends. Scarwas the younger brother of Mufasa, the uncle of Simba, granduncle of Kiara and Kion, and the brother-in-law of Sarabi. Mufasa and scars mother uru, was like scars coulor but had more of the facial features as mufasa. The baboon then says that he would, and accepts Ahadi's offer; but only if he would be able to go on quests from time to time to obtain more knowledge. "The Great Kings want to protect my Son when I couldn't, by blessing my Son with a splinter of Heaven's power? A smexy rogue who fell in love with the young prince Ahadi xD He is very concerned about the other animals in the Pridelands, and tries to make his land a place where all animals can thrive, not just the lions of his own pride. I came across it tonight and decided to post it. Kopa. As Ahadi turned the last cornor, the main cave Ahadi could see the full extent of the cave. to handle. friends have to stop, leading the Guard seems to be a pretty full-time job and She was the mate of Ahadi and the mother of Mufasa and Scar. and carry out. first is that, like Uru, Ahadi had his own set of responsibilities that would Another theory is that Uru was the Rafiki finds that Taka had suffered no broken bones, but had a serious injury on his face. Ahadi is the third known king of the Pride Lands and the second to be formally named. Rafiki then suggests appointing an "eyes and ears" of the kingdom, who could report all troubles to Ahadi, and who would help him become acquainted with his followers. By Prizzle, posted 9 years ago Digital Artist . At first Taka is angry, but then softens up. She was the paternal grandmother of Simba and the great-grandmother of his sons Kopa and Kion. Taka was angry that he wasn't seen as mature. When Ahadi came back Uru was dead from starvation and Sarafina was full he got angry. Even though he tries to apologize to them, Mufasa is the only one of the two who understands. Uru is a quite sympathetic and nice queen, caring about her kingdom and animals as it is explained in "A Tale of Two Brothers". She then takes to air, saying her family (particularly her son) would be so proud of her. Once she returned, Ahadi … Zuzu is honored and immediately accepts his offer. doing that on top of the queen’s duties would probably be too much for anyone Ahadi likes this idea, and asks Zuzu if she would take the position. Ahadi then turns to Rafiki and says that it would be much easier to learn about the little problems before they become big ones, then turns around and goes off to deal with the hyenas. Ahadi is, however, reprimanding of his son as well for almost getting his family killed. The buffalo whine that Mufasa and Taka had started it, but are interrupted by Mufasa, who cries out that Taka was hurt, and that he wouldn't move! Ahadi was well known for his bravery, having solved numerous crises and faced many dangers. This would explain why, like Uru and Ahadi, the previous leader of the Guard would go unseen and unmentioned in TLK. The Uruks first appeared about the year TA 2475, when they came and managed to conquer Ithilien in Gondor, destroying the city of Osgiliath. But Uru was a princess and Uzuri was a commoner. The He then sighs, saying he wished he had some way to learn about little problems before they became big ones. He tells Ahadi that he had an herb pouch back at Pride Rock, and Ahadi suggests taking Taka home. Uru put down her cubs next to Zuzu and bent over, placing her mouth next to Ahadi's ear. However, the picture depicts him as being identical to Mufasa in both build and color. In, Yet another theory is that a Based on all of the trouble Kion and his She is also responsible for providing support and 8. At first, Rafiki is stunned. Later, after Taka is feeling better, Rafiki tells him that he'll be sore for a few days, and that he'll carry a scar for the rest of his life. They soon surround the buffalo and the two lions. Banzai and Shenzi: Yes, sire. Because he was chosen to become king and not Taka/Scar.Ahadi did not trust him and gave him a scar by hanging out with the hyena's.Then Scar wanted to become king and the only way is to kill Mufasa and Simba. Later, Mufasa and Taka are attacked by three cape buffalo, and Ahadi, who was notified by Zuzu, comes to their aid at the head of a herd of elephants. by KiarasMate » July 10th, 2010, 8:06 am I'd assume from old age, thus Mufasa would take over as king and would give Taka ample time for his jealousy to grow over his brother's status. The Chapter is Called The New Leader of the Lion Guard. Chapter 4: Ahadi and Uru Rule Together As the days passed Ahadi continued to visit Uru for at least half of the day. However, the picture depicts him as being identical to Mufasa in both build and color. But Ahadi says that that would have to wait. sure the land can support the pride. - Ahadi and Uru tried again since Ahadi were more happy and less stressed anymore. What do you think? that feeds the whole pride. Except the area was double. 4. Rafiki is startled, realizing the bird was full of surprises. the leader of the Guard but I think this is unlikely for two main reasons. provide protection via patrols around the Pridelands’ perimeter, and making Aug 23, 2017 - Explore Kailie Butler's board "Ahadi and Uru", followed by 1413 people on Pinterest. Shortly after her birth, Uru was presented to the kingdom in a royal presentation ceremony. One possibility is that Ahadi was This was done quite a while ago. In the War of the Ring, the Uruk-hai made up … Characters from The Lion King: Six New Adventures, https://www.mylionking.com/w/index.php?title=Ahadi&oldid=4676, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The antelopes and zebras are blaming the giraffes, while the leopards are blaming the cape buffalo, Boma, and his herd. I have heard you at night: You lie here in this cave. Uru looked at her mate. If you're not very familiar with any of these, I would suggest brushing up before reading any of the posts on this website. have had the time to lead the Guard. The Red Eye was also painted on their shields.Uruk-hai were later bred by the Wizard Saruman the White late in the Third Age, by his dark arts in the pits of Isengard. non-royal Pridelander was the leader of the Guard before Scar. - Almasi and Mbio give birth to Neema. He spent a … Said younger brother would have been gone by the time The Lion King (TLK) starts because the new leader of the Guard presumably inherits the Roar after the previous leader has died and Scar led the Guard before TLK starts. We know that Scar was the leader of the Uru is exactly the same way, and even is mentioned to be going to find water for the pride, just like Mohatu did. Mufasa and scars father, Ahadi, had a long, black mane. See more ideas about Lion king, Lion king fan art, Disney lion king. Uru is the Queen of the Pride Lands that is mentioned in The Lion King: Six New Adventures. Ahadi noted. Enraged, Taka leaps to his paws and complains that whenever Ahadi was going to do something with his sons, something more important always came up. You think you deserve death. They corner Rafiki and begin closing in on him. Ahadi then tells Rafiki that he would be his teacher. The four then go to join Zuzu, who had been waiting nearby. "Because you believe you have failed. This page was last modified on 17 June 2014, at 19:31. Uru … Ahadi is first seen in A Tale of Two Brothers as the king of the Pridelands. Rafiki replies by saying that he was seeking knowledge, and studying the African land. Add interesting content and earn coins. When he was younger, his mother Uru tried to teach him how to hunt. Ahadi comments that Rafiki might prosper from such a quest, and continues by asking Rafiki for help, since the Pridelands was in dire need of wisdom. Ahadi raised an eyebrow. Simba. We saw in “, Said younger brother would have been gone by the time. You believe that you could have avenged Uru's death and did not. Ajabu: *Eats Nguvu* Mufasa: Ajabu, Stop! Given up on life. Whenever it was Uru’s turn to hunt, Ahadi would come by and watch the cubs for her. The name, "Scar", refers to the scar on his left eye, as he started to call himself after an accident when he was a … He would comfort her and they would talk about old times together. She asks when he would do it, and he says that he would take care of it right at that moment. The Lion King Club Join New Post. Re: Did Scar Kill his Father Ahadi? Shenzi: But, Ahadi, there wasn't much meat on that little– Ahadi: Silence, Shenzi!You were going to kill for sport. Ahadi chides the hyenas, telling them that they had already eaten and that it was against the rules of the Pridelands to hunt for sport. But before he can say anything else, Zuzu says good-bye and flies off. unlikely based on the fact that Rafiki, Nala, and Simba all seem to be. Guard before Kion but who was the leader before him? All the animals are complaining about the shortage of water and food. back-up for the king. Ahadi: You have eaten already. His daughter was Uru, who married a rogue, Ahadi. Ahadi is the father of Taka and Mufasa, mate of Uru, and was king of the Pride Lands at the time.. Uru was so much like Uzuri. He then whispers to Taka that he hoped the young lion would understand, but Taka just snarls, yelling at Ahadi that his promise had been broken. this time Uru got pregnant. Ahadi then comes forward and asks what Rafiki was doing in the Pridelands. He asks Rafiki if he would help achieve this goal. According to the text of A Tale of Two Brothers, Ahadi is a golden-furred lion with a long, black mane and bright, green eyes. added by demon9056. I suddenly came up with the idea of Uru being a rogue. He is one of the two main protagonists (the other is Uru) in The Relatives of the King Part 0, and the supporting character in The Relatives of the King Part 1: Taka's Story and The Relatives of the King Part 2: Parental Sorrow.He is also a minor character in short stories. Mufasa is sitting at his father's side, while Taka is lying a few feet away. than the queen because he has to settle all of the disputes in the Pridelands, ^^ Of course, that's just my thoughts and are clearly unofficial. That was why Ahadi wanted to take back the whole ' ...I am forever in you debt...' thing. —Ahadi reprimands Banzai and Shenzi Ahadi tells him that it will remind him of how reckless he had been. They Realized That Ajabu Will Kill Nguvu. Mufasa then introduces himself, his father, and his brother to Rafiki. have made leading the Guard difficult. Now, go! But before they can reach him, there's a mighty roar from behind them. Mufasa warns Taka not to speak about him that way, but Taka ignores him. Why wouldn't I approve of it?" With only you scars for company. Find the hottest ahadi stories you'll love. This is unlikely for multiple reasons, not the Ahadi and Uru. Ahadi says that despite Taka's attack, Boma and the herd had agreed to share water with the Pridelanders. The animals protest that it doesn't matter who the king was if the whole land was starving. A website dedicated to fan theories about and meta-analysis of Disney's The Lion King and The Lion Guard. Since he was banished from the Pride Lands, food was scarced. During Ahadi's reign, a drought devastates the Pride Lands. This page has been accessed 47,934 times. Read hot and popular stories about ahadi on Wattpad. Almasi decided to kick Mbio over to Njano since her mating with him were more out of pity or want than love she could see Mbio and Njano have. Ahadi is relieved, and says that from then on, her family would serve as stewards to the kings of the Pridelands. The protesting gets louder until Ahadi roars to command silence. He had planned to take his sons out hunting, until another crisis had come up. she decided to raise Neema alone. Mohatu is the first lion king that Disney gave us. She was eating a bone while Ahadi was gone at the second. Uru picked up both of her cubs by the scruffs of their necks and went off to wake up Ahadi. She is also the great-grandmother of Simba's daughter Kiara. "Don't tell me you approve of this!" Scar. Uru and Zuzu arrived at the Eastern side of Pride Rock, where Ahadi was sleeping. When Mohatu died, his kingdom was given to Ahadi, who became king as Uru was queen. With all of this on her plate, I don’t think Uru would Growing up, she was sheltered from the enemy pride, the Outsiders, by her father, Mohatu, who forbade her to visit the Outlands. He had always lived alone! One of the hyenas, Shenzi, tries to object, but is silenced by Ahadi. Uru is an adult lioness, and the only child and daughter of Mohatu and Asali. But as he begins to speak more, he is interrupted. He asks to be called Scar from then on, as another reminder of his recklessness. Mohatu has brown fur, and a darker brown mane . Rafiki looks up to see Ahadi glaring at the hyenas, with his two sons, Mufasa and Taka, close behind him. Chapter 8: Zira Scar was looking for something to eat for himself and the hyenas. Ahadi gently tells Taka that instead of hurting them, he had nearly gotten himself killed, and that the scar would serve as a reminder of his foolishness. Uru is Ahadi's mate and Mufasa and Taka/Scar's mother, grandmother of Simba and great-grandmother of Kopa, Kiara and Kion. This is Chapter 4 to The Lion King: Ahadi's Reign. The queen of the Pridelands is the head of the hunting party I decided to ignore Ahadi's description in the book (i mean, they drew him wrong, they described Nala's eye colour wrong, why should i listen to them xD jk) and well.. he turned out looking like this. Scar, formerly Taka, is Mufasa's brother and Simba's uncle, second son of Ahadi and Uru. The bg is slightly inspired by 'I Just Can't Wait to be King' but mostly it's just laziness XD But yeah, Ahadi and Uru are Mufasa and Scar's parents. He then joins Mufasa to look at Taka. least of which is that she has the responsibilities of the queen to prepare for Ahadi is well-known for his bravery and wisdom. But Taka reminds his father that he had promised to take his two sons out hunting that morning. Why mufasa and scars noses and manes are different, was most likely because the two cubs had more genes in them from one of their parents. He tells an elephant to carry Taka in his trunk, and orders another elephant to help Boma out of the gully. The ostriches are worried about the hyenas, and Zuzu, who had appeared nearby, agrees with them. This is also As he leaves, Zuzu comments on how brave he is. She had seen him go off to face many dangers; as a matter of fact, she had known about the waterhole problem for days, but didn't want to add more to Ahadi's to-do list.

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