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88 Cubic Inch 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber HPA Tank features: - 88 cubic inch capacity - 4500 psi rated - Carbon fiber wrapped vessel - 5 year hydro date - Aluminum high performance regulator - 800-850 psi output - Dual burst discs, 1.8K and 7K 20 oz. Only difference is the 4500psi tank will get you around 900-1100 shots while the 3000psi tank will give you 400-600 shots depending on the gun. Powerful (28 hp) and efficient engine (fuel consumption of 3.2 liters per hour), in combination with an off-road increased tank capacity (40 liters) will allow you to travel without problems on any one route for filling (12 hours). The smallest paintball CO2 tank is 30 grams and the largest is 20 ounces. The new, two-chamber carburettor allowed to abandon the use of the electric fuel pump. CO2 containers are available in various sizes, typically 9, 12, 16, 20, and 24oz (20oz being the most common size). Most tanks will have this clearly marked on the label. Home; ... they comprise utilities like additional capacity for ammunition and magazines tubes, in addition to reinforcement against hits, and much, much more. A: A paintball gun or marker is a gun that functions as the primary piece of equipment in the shooting sport of paintball. Stay in the game longer with the JT Paintball 20 oz. Tank and 2 hoppers that my son used playing the sport of paintball. The size and weight of these paintball tanks are comfortable for most people. I am selling all together. Scuba tanks are rated for the same kinds of pressures as compressed air tanks for paintball guns making this a perfect air compressor for your paintball tank refill station. The numerical values of a refillable CO2 tank tell you the liquid capacity of the tank (as the CO2 inside will be liquid). A paintball tank is a portable construction that a vehicle used in various types of sport resembles paintball, usually with the intention of military simulation. Purchase a 50-lb. We offer tank brands such as; ASG(12g), JT, Swiss Arms(12g), Ballistic, First strike, Empire and more. From our testing and research, we discovered that it comes in 3 main sizes: 9 ounces, 12 ounces, and 20 ounces tanks. To use the calculator you need to know the PSI rating of your tank and its capacity in cubic feet (CF). 0.38l Portable Co2 Cylinder Paintball Tank Without Valve , Find Complete Details about 0.38l Portable Co2 Cylinder Paintball Tank Without Valve,Paintball Pcp Air Tank With Pin Valve,Gas Cylinder Capacity Supplier Co2 Carbon Dioxide,High Pressure Paintball Co2 Tanks With Valve from Paintball Accessories Supplier or Manufacturer-DEAN CHANG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. Products are of best ratio of … The HK Army Vice Tank Grip is the premiere tank grip on the paintball market Specifically designed to provide you a comfortable, anti-slip, surface area on the rear of your tank The Vice Tank Grip is comprised of a dual, color-injected, malleable, rubber material that effortlessly wraps around the butt of your carbon fiber tank. Ansgear has Paintball guns and Paintball equipment for everyone. Perfect paintball tank for all levels of play.Features: * 20 Oz. The HPDAVV compressor is a scuba tank air compressor. Typically the air will last for a couple of 15-minute games before they need refilling. 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,023. It is illegal to use or refill a CO2 tank that is past its hydrotesting date. Refillable CO2 tanks are made of aluminum. Ninja Compressed HPA Paintball Air Tank. The grip has a nice rubber grip with three portholes to see how many paintballs are left in the magazine. Equipment must go. All paintball markers need either CO2 or compressed air in order to shoot. A compressed air paintball tank offers an unparallel level of performance for any paintball gun. The capacity is enough to give you about 500 paint shots. Re-fillable 20 ounce capacity tank BUILT FOR PAINTBALL. refillable C02 tank meets or exceeds all ASTM, DOT, TC or CGA Standards or Requirements and is compatible with all standard CO2 powered paintball guns. The system or tank can be brought either in aluminium or fiber wrap. FREE Shipping. We stock both CO2 and compressed air HPA paintball gun tanks. The 3000 relates to the amount of pressure the tank can hold and the 48 relates to the capacity inside the tank. Nitrogen paintball tanks come in a variety of sizes and pressures. The tank is empty. The paintball hopper will ensure the round is positioned ahead of the piston, which itself is driven by the compressed air in your tank. Top Paintball Air Compressors 1. This 20 oz. Gurlleu Carbon Fiber Air Tank, 30 Cu Ft / 4500 PSI, CE Approved, PCP Paintball Compressed Air System with Regulator Valve (Empty Bottle) Pros Of CO2 The Gladiatair A48 paintball tank is the 48ci paintball tank of choice for rental guns by most field operators, and a great entry level tank for players just starting out. 99. If you are looking for a Ninja paintball tank, then its compressed HPA air tank is definitely for you. Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K Paintball Tank- New 2019 Upgraded Version - Globally Certified. This Ninja air tank 68/4500 continues to impress the majority of its users as aside from being available at a good size, it also delivers truly excellent and remarkable performance when used in the field.. makes a great fill station tank for paintball. Powered by Pure Energy Technology, the CO2 tank assures a consistent recharge rate for maximum shooting efficiency and it s ideal for all levels of play. Paintball is a game at AG Paintball that can be enjoyed by all players starting ages 12+ (other options for 5-12) No experience required, beginners welcome! With a 3000 PSI fill capacity, it isn’t the biggest paintball tank on the market, but many users find it just big enough. Products Description of 0.5L carbon fiber tank for paintball Airgun Gas cylinder (0.5L carbon fiber tank for paintball Airgun) Acecare Tech produces portable gas cylinders through advanced technology. Unfortunately his interests have changed. Tank is in great shape with no dings or dents. It utilizes a compressed gas such as CO2 or HPA to propel dyed capsules called paintballs at a mark or target. The aluminium is cheaper but heavier, the fiber is the opposite, dearer but lighter. A 20oz tank offers a good balance between capacity and size/weight of the tank for most situations. Keeping with the trend of customizability, users can choose between 12-gram CO2 cartridges or a remote CO2 tank. Learn more and find out what CO2 tank is the best one for your paintball! Book online or give us a call any day of the week. It is usually available in a 12 gram powerlet, mainly used in stock paintball and in paintball pistols, or a tank. A paintball tank is a vehicle, or a portable structure that resembles a vehicle, used in various types of the sport of paintball, usually with the intent of military simulation.The purpose of a paintball tank is to provide a mobile shelter for one or several players, from which they may employ their markers against players on the opposing team. Featuring a lightweight, high quality, durable, aluminum body for approximately 800-1000 shots per fill! Volumes and Shapes Available in three sizes 48ci, 68ci and 88ci to cater for all paint-ballers, from the “Snake player” to “Bushball”. Get your Paintball equipment for cheap. One is an HP (800 psi output) tank at 45 cubic inches and 4500 psi capacity while the other is LP (400 psi output). $59.99 $ 59. Paintball Gun FAQ Q: What is a paintball gun? HPDAVV 100L/Min 5.5-HP Air Compressor – Best Overall Paintball Air Compressor. By having the tank hydro-tested every five years and looking after it, you will never need to replace it. shipping to US only. Capacity Refillable CO2 Tank * Approximately 800-1000 Shots Per Fill* Fresh Tank Dates Guaranteed - Five-Year Retest Cycle* All Components Meet or Exceed All ASTM, DOT, TC or CGA Standards or Requirements* Shipped EMPTY - Must Be Filled Prior to Bulk CO2 tanks and the rest of the equipment can be purchased online or ordered through paintball retailers. In fact, you could fill five 5.7 cubic foot tanks if you want to maintain above 3000PSI . Any tank with a capacity of more than 9 ounces of CO2, or any tank over 2 inches in diameter, must be hydrotested every 5 years to ensure its integrity. This paintball pistol is magazine fed with an 8 round capacity per mag. This piston springs into action and moves forward, sending the loaded paintball round through the barrel at great speed. Now playing football. CO2 Tank. capacity; Powered by Pure Energy Technology; Lightweight DOT and TC certified aluminum cylinders It is: (4500 psi * (88cf – 5.7cf)) / 88cf = ~4200 PSI. Paintball Tank Inline On/Off ASA Adapter CO2/Compressed Air Pin Valve Depressor 4.5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - Paintball Tank Inline On/Off ASA Adapter CO2/Compressed Air … Brass Eagle Co2 Paintball Tank 9 Oz size& JT Paintball Mask And 2 Hoppers You are looking a used mask. tanks come in a variety of sizes, output consistency, shot capacity and pressures. And for the love of Paintball, these sizes don't mean that with an HP tank you're only getting 4 shots out of a 3000 psi tank because you're using 800 psi per shot – If you have a 88cubic foot tank @ 4500 PSI and you fill a 5.7 cubic foot paintball tank, what’s the resulting pressure in your source tank? Also, since the 4500psi tank is made out of carbon fiber it will be a little bit lighter then the 3k psi tank but not enough to make a significant difference. In fact, companies like Tippmann even have 20-ounce options that will last for an entire game, and you can also get supply that allows you to play using your paintball guns for days. 12oz Small Portable Co2 Paintball Tank Gas Cylinder Without Valve , Find Complete Details about 12oz Small Portable Co2 Paintball Tank Gas Cylinder Without Valve,Steel Gas Cylinder For Soda Machine,Paintball Air Tank Co2 Cylinder,High Pressure Aluminum Hpa Tank Paintball from Paintball Accessories Supplier or Manufacturer-DEAN CHANG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. 2. All Paintball gear on sale! The capacity of a carbon dioxide tank is measured in ounces of liquid and it is filled with liquid CO 2, at room temperatures the vapour pressure is about 5,500 kilopascals (800 psi). CO2 tank with a siphon tube, a scale that can weight up to 5 lbs., a fill station with a dual valve to allow you to fill up and empty tanks. For small paintball tanks rated in cubic inches and for carbon fiber rescue air packs rated in minutes, use the tank cubic foot chart below. my local dive shop only charges $5.00 dollars to fill this tank and i can fill my tank on my gun several times with it. Q: How long does a paintball tank last? A CO2 tank is a larger unit that will allow you to play for a longer period of time without running out of fuel for your paintball guns. item will be shipped the next business day after payment is received. Alsafe Company, professional makes wide range of carbon fiber composite HPA tank for paintball, from 0.35L to 20L water capacity. Paintball CO2 tank is a more affordable choice and is much easier. These items are used so don't expect perfection. The purpose of a paintball tank is to provide a mobile shelter for one or more players, from which it can … Pick up a 88ci 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber HPA Tank and have money left over to play paintball!

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