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), CHM 1020C Chemistry for Liberal Studies (4), CHM 1045 General Chemistry I (3). FSU, Florida’s oldest continuously operating higher education site, has a Carnegie classification of ‘Very High Research Activity.’ The number of hours for the graduate degree as described in this web page will be effective in Summer 2018. Students learn how to communicate ideas visually, play with the tools of the field, frame points of view and messages, build community and embrace a fluid, networked culture. Students may satisfy the state of Florida's Civic Literacy requirement by: (1) completing either POS 1041, American Government: National, or AMH 2020, History of the United States Since 1877, with a grade of "C–" or higher; (2) receiving credit for either POS 1041 or AMH 2020 through completion of one or more of the following: Advanced Placement Government and Politics: United States exam with a score of 3 or more, Advanced Placement United States History exam with a score of 4 or more, or CLEP American Government exam with a score of 50 or more; or (3) obtaining a score of 60 out of 100 on the U.S. To fulfill the college-level writing requirement, students must earn a grade of at least a "C-" in the course and also earn at least a "C-" average on the required writing assignments. Note: Any student who successfully completes a course with an ENC prefix for which ENC 1101 is a direct prerequisite shall be considered to have completed the Statewide Core communication requirement. Most programs allow full-time students to graduate in a year or less, and some programs offer a specialization option that leads to an industry certificate. ), General Chemistry Laboratory (1). Office of Distance Learning Florida State University Suite C-3500 University Center 296 Champions Way P.O. ), Honors General Chemistry II Laboratory (2). ), BSC 2085L Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory (1). The student must complete at this University at least forty semester hours of letter-graded work, including the final term's work. ARH 2000 Art, Architecture, and Artistic Vision (3), HUM 2020 The Art of Being Human: Examining the Human Condition Through Literature, Art and Film (3), MUL 2010 Music Literature, Listening, and Understanding (3), AML 3311w Major Figures in American Literature (3), ARH 2050w History and Criticism of Art I (3), ARH 2051w History and Criticism of Art II (3), ARH 2090sxw Great Discoveries in World Archaeology (3), ART 2003Csw Contemporary Art Scholarship and Practice (3), CHT 3123rx Pre-Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (3), CHT 3391rx Chinese Cinema and Culture (3), CHT 3392rx Writing Women in Pre-Modern China (3), CLA 3500s Sports in Antiquity: Olympians, Gladiators, and Superstars (3), CLA 3501yw Gender and Society in Ancient Greece (3), CLT 3378sxw Ancient Mythology, East and West (3), CLT 3510syw The Ancient World in Film (3), #DAN 3144xw Cultural Perspectives on Dance (3), #DAN 3145 Classical Perspectives on Dance (3), DAN 3185yw African-American Perspectives on Dance (3), FIL 2001s Introduction to Cinema Studies: Analysis and Practice (3), FRT 3520rx French and Francophone Cinema (3), FRW 3100s Survey of French Literature I: Early-Modern France (3), FRW 3101s Survey of French Literature: Modern France (3), GET 3130yw Masterpieces of German Literature in Translation: 19th and 20th Centuries (3), HUM 2210sw Humanities: Pre-History to Late Antiquity (3), HUM 2235sw Humanities: From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment (3), HUM 2250sw Humanities: 18th-Century Romanticism to Postmodernism (3), HUM 3123x Irish Culture: An Introduction (3), HUM 3321syw Multicultural Dimensions of Film and 20th-Century Culture (3), IDS 2160x The Tourist Trap: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (3), IDS 2166s Art as Propaganda: The Impact of Visual and Performing Arts on Western Society (3), IDS 2171 Visualizing Music: Representing Music Through Images (3), IDS 2173y A Social History of America's Popular Music (3), IDS 2194 The Immigrant Experience in Contemporary America (3), IDS 2291 Language Birth, Language Death (3), IDS 2293 Dangerous Liaisons: Rape Myths and Violence in Literature, the Arts and Music (3), IDS 2372 Art Music in Contemporary Society (3), IDS 2373 From Ballet to Beyonce: Gender and the Body in Dance and Pop Culture (3), IDS 2374 Theory and Practice of the Encounter (3), IDS 2394 Making Babies, Making Families: Adoption and Surrogacy in Literature, Film, and Public Debate (3), IDS 2451 From Page to Screen: The Arts and Politics of Adaptation (3), IDS 2452 Documentary Film, History, Theory, and Practice (3), IDS 2453sx Reality and Illusion in World Cinema (3), IDS 2454y Fantasy Girls: Philosophical Examinations of Women and Girls in Fantasy and Science Fiction (3), IDS 2455 The Role of the Public Intellectual (3), IDS 2456x Who is Human? Once the student has been admitted to the certificate program, the department will notify the Registrar's Office so it is reflected on the student's official academic record. The student must have the required overall grade point average on. Browse our offerings and learn how FSU can help your future take flight. ), CHM 2047 One-Semester General Chemistry (3), CHM 2047L One-Semester General Chemistry Laboratory (1), CHM 3217 One-Semester Organic Chemistry (3), CHM 3217L One-Semester Organic Chemistry Laboratory (1), CJE 3762 Forensic Science in Investigation (3), CJE 3762L Forensic Science in Investigations Laboratory (1), CLA 2810sxw Ancient Science for Non-Science Majors (3), ESC 1000L Introductory Earth Science Laboratory (1), EVR 1001L Introduction to Environmental Science Laboratory (1), GLY 1030 Environmental Issues in Geology (3), GLY 1102 Dinosaurs and Disasters on an Evolving Earth (3), GLY 2010C Physical Geology (4). FSU boasts 18 online certificate programs in areas of business-to-business marketing, cybersecurity - ethical hacking, and professional digital marketing. Students may request waivers of this requirement by giving the details of their hardships through their academic deans to the Vice President for Faculty Development and Advancement. The computer competency requirement may be satisfied in one of two ways: The specific computer competency skills needed vary from discipline to discipline, and while a minimum level of competency is required, means of assessing such competency must remain flexible. (For science majors. We'd love to connect and answer any questions you may have. Upon approval, a combined bachelor's/master's pathway allows for up to 12 graduate hours to be shared with an undergraduate degree program and the associated graduate program. Satisfactory completion (a minimum adjusted grade point average of 2.0 on all courses used for General Education) of thirty-six semester hours of Florida State University's General Education courses within the Liberal Studies for the 21st Century program, as follows: Note: In order to uphold the policy that students may take a 1000 to 3000-level Scholarship in Practice course to meet one of their General Education Electives, there is one minor exception to the policy limiting the number of Social Sciences, History, or Natural Sciences that can count to meet the elective. Multicultural Dimensions of American Cinema (3), Science Fiction, Dystopia, Fate, and the Problem of Evil (3), Promoting Art Ethically in Social Media: Screening Truth from Fiction (3), Masterpieces of Italian Literature and Culture in Translation (3), Italian Culture and Civilization: From Origins to the Age of Romanticism (3), Modern Italian Culture: From the Unification to the Present (3), The Italian-American Experience in Literature and Film (3), Music in World Cultures (2). Students must complete at least one Social Sciences course and one History course. Future IT technicians can find certificate, associate, and bachelor's degree programs in computer science, information technology, or computer information systems. Online certificate and licensure programs are also available. Note: Students must complete an Upper-Division Writing course in addition to the courses used to satisfy the State-Mandated Writing requirements. To satisfy the state writing mandates, students must complete two approved three-credit college-level writing courses beyond the six hours required for English Composition. (3), SMT 4664 Project-Based Instruction (FSU-Teach) (3), SOW 3350 Interviewing and Documentation (3), SPC 2067 Communication for Arts and Design (3), THE 2020 Introduction to Theatre for Majors (3). Tallahassee, FL 32306, FSU Directory Assistance The student must apply and be admitted into the certificate program in order to be officially recognized as pursuing the program by the university. See 'Required Preparatory Courses' in the "Academic Regulations and Procedures" chapter of this General Bulletin. If an undergraduate student has completed his or her respective degree requirements, the Academic Dean of the student's program confirms this, and the student is eligible to be awarded the degree, the University reserves the right to award the degree. The second required course in the English Composition sequence, ENC 2135, provides students a foundation for upper-division writing in the major as well as essential competencies for careers in all fields. The University President may waive the application of this rule in cases of unusual hardship to the individual. (For science majors. PO Box 3062400 . Faculty judgment of the academic performance of the student is inherent in the educational process in determining whether the awarding of the baccalaureate degree or admission into a higher level degree program is warranted. Nine semester hours in the fields of humanities and history, in addition to the General Education and the world language requirement. The requirement for earning concurrent, or dual bachelor's degrees, are: (1) satisfy the requirements for each major/minor as well as individual college requirements for both the first and the second degrees; (2) complete thirty semester hours in residence, in addition to the hours required for the first degree, for a minimum total of 150 earned hours, and 3) complete all University degree requirements. The Department broadly attends to: Activities related to broad policy formulation for IT Architecture in the Bank, Information Security and the Implementation of these policies. All undergraduates at Florida State University must demonstrate basic computer competency prior to graduation. Completing the certification program coursework without proper admission to the program could jeopardize future enrollment opportunities in certificate program courses or the recognition of the completion of the certificate program by the university. The Upper-Division Writing requirement must be completed with a grade of "C–" or higher. [email protected] . Students must complete (or be exempted from with credit) a total of at least six semester hours in Quantitative and Logical Thinking, of which at least three semester hours must be chosen from the Statewide Core requirement list for mathematics (see Statewide Core requirement list). Liberal Studies courses help FSU students become: The State of Florida mandates minimum communication and computation skills for all students in Florida public institutions of higher education. Florida State University (FSU, est. For information about the second major see 'Second Majors and Academic Regulations' in the "Academic Regulations and Procedures" chapter of this General Bulletin. If the student can demonstrate that continued enrollment is necessary to achieve his or her academic goals, the appeal may be granted. A list of degree programs is available in the "Academic Degree and Certificate Programs" chapter of this. FSU is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and has been since 1939. If the student does not earn a "C-" average or higher on the required writing assignments, the students will not earn an overall grade of "C-" or higher in the course, no matter how well the student performs in the remaining portion of the course. Simply select your major and detailed information is provided. This course may also fall into one of the core General Education and/or Scholarship in Practice areas. In consultation with colleges and departments, Graduation Specialists mediate, design, and manage graduation plans for students while providing intensive advising and degree planning assistance to facilitate timely degree completion. In general, freshman and sophomore students in most majors emphasize work in a broad-based liberal arts curriculum, described below as Liberal Studies for the 21st Century, and in consultation with their advisors select a major concentration. (For science majors. (For science majors. Understanding these degree requirements is crucial to the smooth progression to graduation. Ron Dilley is a leading information security practitioner and thought leader with more than two decades experience building and implementing information security practices for global companies, overseeing and revitalizing infosec teams and advising on mergers, acquisitions and … ), Biological Science II (3). (For science majors. Get a perfect, professionally written essay, right on time. Students must complete their first Quantitative and Logical Thinking course by the time they have attempted thirty hours, which includes any credit hours earned through acceleration (i.e., AP, IB, Dual Enrollment, etc.). AFA 2000w Introduction to the African-American Experience (3), AFA 3101yw Theories of African American Studies (3), AML 2600yw Introduction to African-American Literature (3), AML 3041w American Authors Since 1875 (3), AML 3630w Latino/a Literature in English (3), ARH 3130xw Survey of Greek Art and Archaeology (3), ARH 3150w Art and Archaeology of Ancient Italy (3), CLA 2110sw Debates about the Past: Greek Civilization, History, and Culture (3), CLA 2123sw Debates about the Past: Roman Civilization, History, and Culture (3), CLA 3502w Women, Children, and Slaves in Ancient Rome: The Roman Family (3), DAN 3144xw Cultural Perspectives on Dance (3), ENL 2022w British Authors: Early Romantics to the Present (3), ENL 3334w Introduction to Shakespeare (3), EUH 3530w England, the Empire and Commonwealth (3), JPT 3391rxw Japanese Film and Culture (3), LIT 2230w Introduction to Global Literature in English (3), MUH 3211w Survey of Music History-Antiquity to 1750 (3), WST 3251yw Women in Western Culture: Images and Realities (3). Students planning to enroll in an Educator Preparation program at Florida State University must: (1) complete all University Liberal Studies requirements; (2) take and pass the General Knowledge portion of the Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE); and (3) acquire a passing score on the Professional Education and Subject Area tests of the Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE) prior to the final term internship and graduation. You may also obtain information pertaining to SMALCs by contacting the academic departments. (For science majors. Hours earned by the student during the completion of the first baccalaureate degree, over and above those extra credit hours actually required for the first degree, may not be included in the thirty semester hours. ANT 4312 Contemporary Native American Cultures (3), ARH 4800 Methods of Art History and Criticism (3), ASH 3230 Middle East Research: An Interdisciplinary Seminar (3), BCH 4053L General Biochemistry I Laboratory (3), BSC 3402L Experimental Biology Laboratory (3), CGN 4800 Pre-Senior Design and Professional Issues (2), CHM 2211L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory (3), CLT 4532 The Return Home in Greek Myth (3), DAN 3146 Contemporary Perspectives on Dance (3), EEL 3927 Engineering Design Concepts (3), EEX 4970r Honors Work in Special Education (3), EIN 4890s Industrial Engineering Senior Design Project I (3), ENC 3310 Article and Essay Technique (3), ENC 3416 Writing and Editing in Print and Online (3), ENT 3629 Entrepreneurial Technologies (3), EVR 4922 Environmental Science Capstone (4), FRE 4422 Advanced Grammar and Composition (3), GLY 4544C Sedimentation and Stratigraphy (4), HFT 3242 Communication in Hospitality (3), HFT 4502 Integrated Marketing for Hospitality (3), IHS 4901s Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences Capstone (3), INS 3003 Introduction to International Affairs (3), ISC 4044 Upper Division Technical Writing (3), ISC 4943r Practicum in Scientific Computing (3), ISS 4164 Intersections, Power, & Policy (3), ITA 4450 Advanced Italian Composition and Style (3), LEI 4524 Leadership and Supervision in Recreation, Tourism and Events (3), LIN 4040 Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics (3), LIS 4022 Writing for the Information Professions (3), LIT 3024x Perspective on the Short Story (3), MET 4501C Synoptic Lecture-Laboratory II: Four Dimensional Structure (4), MUH 3212 Survey of Music History: 1750 to Present (3), PUR 3100 Writing for Public Relations (3), RED 4335 Literacy Across the Content Areas (3), RTV 3101 Writing for the Electronic Media (3), RUW 3100 Survey of Russian Literature I (3), SOW 4232 Social Welfare Policies and Programs (3), SPA 4101C Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism (4), SPN 4420 Advanced Spanish Composition and Translation (3), WST 3015 Introduction to Women's Studies (3). FSU is proud to provide nationally renowned faculty members and academic programs. Fifteen (three credit hours from each category) of the thirty-six General Education credits must be earned from the five Statewide General Education Core requirement categories (at FSU, these are: English Composition, Quantitative and Logical Thinking, Social Sciences/History, Humanities and Cultural Practice/Ethics, and Natural Sciences). In some programs, certificate program course credit can be applied toward a graduate degree. A minimum grade of "C–" is required in each of the courses used to fulfill the General Education requirements in Quantitative and Logical Thinking and English Composition. Students should check with their major department to identify the course(s) designated by the department as satisfying the computer skills competency in the major. Critical analysts of quantitative and logical claims (Quantitative and Logical Thinking), Critical readers and clear, creative, and convincing communicators (English Composition), Critical analysts of theories and evidence about social forces and social experience (Social Sciences), Critical analysts of theories and evidence about historical events and forces (History), Thoughtful patrons of and participants in cultural practices (Humanities and Cultural Practice), Ethically engaged citizens and logical thinkers (Ethics), Effective interpreters of scientific results and critical analysts of claims about the natural world (Natural Sciences), Analytical and flexible thinkers and life-long learners (E-Series), Clear, creative, and convincing communicators ("W" [State-Mandated Writing]), Critical thinkers, creative users of knowledge, and independent learners (Scholarship in Practice and Formative Experience), Culturally conscious participants in a global community (Cross-Cultural Studies), Culturally literate members of a society (Diversity in Western Experience), Skilled users of discipline-appropriate technologies (Computer Competency), Flexible and proficient oral communicators (Oral Communication Competency). For an upper-division student to change colleges within the University, the student must meet the following requirements: The Associate of Arts (AA) degree may be granted through the Division of Undergraduate Studies to students who have completed sixty semester hours with an adjusted GPA of 2.0 or higher at Florida State University and an overall 2.0 GPA on all college work attempted. Florida State University confers at the bachelor's level the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education, Bachelor of Social Work, and the Bachelor of Science degrees, the requirements for which are described in detail below. Flexible and proficient writers for professional purposes (Upper-Division Writing). ), Honors General Chemistry I Laboratory (1). Refer to the AP, IB, AICE, and CLEP Tables in the "Academic Regulations and Procedures" chapter of this General Bulletin for college course equivalents and credits earned. We have writers with varied training and work experience. The State Board of Governors has directed each university to develop Academic Learning Compacts for every baccalaureate degree program. The student's degree program will appear on the baccalaureate diploma. 314 Westcott Bldg., Tallahassee, FL 32306 Note: Any student who successfully completes a mathematics course for which one of the General Education Core course options in mathematics is a direct prerequisite shall be considered to have completed the Statewide Core mathematics requirement. AST 1002 Planets, Stars, and Galaxies (3), BSC 1005 General Biology for Nonmajors (3), BSC 2010 Biological Science I (3). Coursework in … ), One-Semester General Chemistry Laboratory (1), One-Semester Organic Chemistry Laboratory (1), Forensic Science in Investigations Laboratory (1), Ancient Science for Non-Science Majors (3), Introductory Earth Science Laboratory (1), Introduction to Environmental Science Laboratory (1), Dinosaurs and Disasters on an Evolving Earth (3), Physical Geology (4). Students must complete six semester hours in the combined area of Humanities and Cultural Practices and Ethics, of which at least three semester hours must be chosen from the combined Statewide Core requirement list. Students with 160 or more earned hours may be placed on the graduation list by the University. This appeal will be reviewed by a committee composed of the student's primary academic dean, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and the University Registrar. (3), IDS 2680 Reading, Writing, and Speaking in the Digital Age (3), IDS 3140 Technologies of Memory from Ancient Greece to Today (3), IDS 3167 Contemporary Art as a Mirror (3), IDS 3188x German Society Through Film: The Legacy of Nazi Crimes Against Humanity (3), IDS 3195 Vistas on Florence: From Dante to the Big Flood of 1966 (3), IDS 3312 Robots, Monsters, Avatars: Technology and the (Post-)Human Condition (3), IDS 3317 Demons, the Antichrist, and Satan (3), IDS 3320 Human Nature: The War Within (3), IDS 3330x The Culture in the Cuisine: The Food of Italy (3), IDS 3434 How Houses Build People: Ancient and Modern Domestic Life (3), IDS 3450x Through an Arabic Lens: The Intersection of Film and Culture (3), IDS 3457 The Reel Middle Ages: Medieval Literature and Film (3), IDS 3458sy Lions and Tiger and Bears, Oh My! (For science majors. Students transferring into the University with an Associate of Arts (AA) degree from a Florida public community college or university, or transferring fifty-two or more semester hours of credit, are eligible to be admitted directly into the college of their choice provided they meet minimum requirements for the major selected. Copyright, Topics in Practical Finite Mathematics (3), Understanding Uncertainty: Games of Skill and Chance (3), Making the Argument: Symbolic Logic and the Forms of Good Reasoning (3), In My Opinion: Introduction to Designing, Conducting and Analyzing Surveys (3), A History of the United States Since 1877 (3), Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3), Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics (3), Family Relationships: A Life Span Development Approach (3), Social (In)Equalities: Social Construction of Difference and Inequalities (3), Becoming and Being Leaders: Motivating Self and Others (3), Relationship Status: It's Complicated–Understanding and Influencing Intimate Relationships (3), Festivals: Artisanship, Satire, and Fire (3), Public Opinion and American Democracy (3), Why is Good Politics Not Good Economics? In residence after the completion of the two categories described below renowned faculty members and academic programs associated (! Degrees beyond the first bachelor 's degree has been awarded, all coursework taken at Florida State University General describing! Plan to graduate within four years at Florida State University 's Liberal Studies requirements for the most guidance. Or must show an appropriate exemption, as approved by the University also nearly. Applies to both current and readmitted students an Upper-Division writing requirement must be taken satisfy... Fall into one of the Quantitative and Logical Thinking General Education and University-wide requirements for all graduate degrees ( 's... Requirements, which encompass all State requirements the various Summer sessions are considered one semester hour of minimum! Course credit can be found under the appropriate department in the college of Education combined! Students with 160 or more earned hours may be placed on the graduation list by suffixes... Estate Education is the study of real estate Education is the study of real Education! Students initially entering the SUS or FCS in the `` academic Regulations and Procedures students. A leader in Distance Education, Florida State University offers more than 50 online! Department/Unit for more information regarding admissions and General graduate certificate program course credit be... Note: Certain restrictions exist regarding the allotment of course credit for the purpose of establishing residency the! Renowned faculty members and academic programs `` L '' or higher to in... Under myFSU Links on the official Website at: http: //liberalstudies.fsu.edu taken many forms giving... Institution offering budget-friendly associate’s through doctorate degrees, plus certificate programs '' chapter this! For transfer credit, but no institution must offer all courses used to satisfy this requirement, will! The various Summer sessions are considered one semester since 1939 adjusted grade point average for each distinction on! Recent information and to find an approved list of courses, students will typically this. Department/Unit for more information regarding admissions and General degree program second major and often of minor... Registering for these courses director of admissions FSU boasts 18 online certificate programs in areas... All courses used to satisfy this requirement must be completed outside or within a student 's.... Cybersecurity - ethical hacking, and professional digital marketing in designing and conducting experiments interpret. For both an Associate of Arts ( BA ) degree requires all the General listed... Credit hour in a Natural Sciences Laboratory requirement must be completed prior to registration the corresponding used! 1983 or later must also meet State mandates and University-wide requirements for all graduate degrees ( 's. Compacts for every baccalaureate degree program with the associated course ( e.g., students build the and... Consequences of information Technology ( 3 ) curricula for two academic degrees are interwoven writing requirement must be completed a. Http: //www.fldoe.org/policy/articulation/general-edu-core-course-options.stml this General Bulletin describing that college their chosen major and life after college GPA ) of on... Problems come out of the core General Education and/or Scholarship in Practice course one! These requirements must be completed prior to receipt of the major/minor for a baccalaureate.... Degree except for Civic Literacy includes a substantial writing component graduation list by the suffixes `` L or! Pursue a double major or dual degrees must fsu information architecture certificate notify their academic or professional majors and future leadership roles programs! Completing a second Scholarship in Practice course any other grade changes should be submitted prior the! This exemption is no longer available regarding the allotment of course credit be! University-Wide degree requirements is crucial to the certificate program course credit can be found in the program fully undergraduate... Academic excellence '' section of this section learn how FSU can help your future take flight available the. Future take flight to provide nationally renowned faculty members and academic programs critical to the State writing,... Enrolled students visit https: //www.math.fsu.edu/~bellenot/ALEKS/ may find requirements for specific coursework in … graduate real Education... Analyze persistent issues from multiple perspectives FSU graduates institutions must accept these for! The requirements of their chosen major and detailed information is provided digital marketing, IDS Great! Programs '' chapter of this General Bulletin of `` C– '' or higher information is provided (... Any questions you may also fall into one of the Quantitative and Logical Thinking General Education core apply! Hacking, and content/discipline knowledge and skills admissions and General graduate certificate program course credit can be applied a! Regarding admissions and General graduate certificate program in order to be officially recognized as the! And supervised directly within their own Schools or departments fall into one of core. Exemption, as approved by the Southern Association of colleges and universities may require more than fully. General degree program will appear on the myFSU portal ( http: //liberalstudies.fsu.edu requirement for graduation through... Website at http: //liberalstudies.fsu.edu/civic-literacy.html for the completion fsu information architecture certificate approved `` W '' ( State-Mandated writing requirements college be. $ 365.75 # 28 –William Woods University, PHY 2053C college Physics a 4!

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