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How to Distress Wood Furniture. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Follow these steps to strip the old finish from your furniture, clean the piece, then apply a beautiful new stain and finish. It’s okay if you still see the wood or laminate underneath your first coat of paint. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. When it comes to distressing painted furniture, you'll need a little time, a few tools (sandpaper, wax, paint), and a little elbow grease. Chalk paint is thicker compared to regular paint. Your support helps wikiHow to create more in-depth illustrated articles and videos and to share our trusted brand of instructional content with millions of people all over the world. This beginner’s guide to distressing furniture the easy way walks you through the exact process to achieve that perfectly distressed look! Amid the current public health and economic crises, when the world is shifting dramatically and we are all learning and adapting to changes in daily life, people need wikiHow more than ever. Creating a distressed paint effect is simple with Chalk Paint®, but the real creativity will come out in your colour choices and the way you sand the finished piece. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. With emphasis on the edges of the furniture, use the sander to gently remove some of the paint and primer allowing the underlying wood to show through. You can use items like antiquing wax, pickling washes, and even an old water based stain to add some more dimension to your distressed furniture. Experiment with different tools around your house to see what kind of marks they make. First thing’s first. There is just something so wonderful about painting and distressing furniture. % of people told us that this article helped them. Prepare Your Space. Distressing is the modern approach to creating a timeless treasure. How to Paint an Antique Finish on Walls. If the piece is solid wood, traditional primer should adhere well to a sanded surface. Don’t use too much water. It is also a step that can take your furniture painting down hill quickly! Learn how to apply this faux technique with these step-by-step instructions. My project is ready to paint. 7 easy ways to distress furniture so your furniture looks naturally distressed each and every time! the good ‘ol fashion way, with elbow grease and sandpaper. These steps to distressing furniture will also ensure you get the look you’re after! Set the piece of furniture in a well-ventilated area in the garage or outside, and wear the appropriately labeled safety gear for the task: gloves, goggles and face mask. Jun 4, 2020 - Explore Kelly Allen's board "How To Distress Furniture", followed by 449 people on Pinterest. Things to Remember When Distressing Furniture. Clean the surface of the furniture with a rag to remove residue on the surface (Image 2). So, here’s how the dresser looked once it was painted. If you’re curious about how I refinished the top of this console table, I wrote a post on it. To do this technique you just want a very dry brush and lightly go over the surface. Don't miss your favorite shows in real time online. Topics include wet distressing, distressing furniture with sandpaper, distressing furniture with paint and so much MORE! There is real distressed furniture that can be purchased, often at a much better price. Make sure that you are generous when applying the wax to give the piece a nice sheen. Next, tape off the dresser drawers to prevent paint from getting on the sides of the drawers. You do not need to sand unfinished wood furniture. I’ve shared a lot of tips about distressing furniture through the years, but I decided I would tackle the subject again. How to Paint Furniture Like a Pro. Here are the supplies I used to wet distress this farmhouse desk. Place the chisel against the wood in the place you want the crack to form, remembering that wood will only crack along its grain. Creating a distressed look. Dry brushing your furniture is probably the easiest way to distress your furniture. the good ‘ol fashion way, with elbow grease and sandpaper. Distressing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint See how to strip paint off an old chair and then repaint it with an aged-patina look. I distressed down to the stain on the corners and edges. The Best Way to Distress Furniture Using wax as a resist for the perfect distressing! Wear safety glasses if you try to add your own wear and tear to your furniture. If you accidentally rub off too much of the paint, you may paint over the area again and start over. When a friend of mine who also paints, told me about using Vaseline to distress furniture, I was a bit skeptical.,, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. By using our site, you agree to our. Paint as many color and layers as you want. How to Distress Furniture. Learn how to paint and distress furniture easily with these 7 methods. Can’t wait to use the Marzipan! Here is how to distress furniture with chalk paint: Using a paintbrush, apply the primer … Making a Distressed Mirror. References. It adds instant character, but more importantly, it makes the furniture piece less precious and more usable. To get this DIY White and Grey Distressed look on already stained furniture: Clean the furniture … Find out which distressed furniture would work BEST for you! The best part is it takes the least amount of resources. Thanks for the great post! DIY: How to Distress and Whitewash Furniture Good morning & happy Saturday! If you stain your wood and wait hours for it to dry or you’re tired of sanding and getting paint dust everywhere. If you accidentally remove to much paint, pat the area dry and cover the spot with another coat. Chalky paint is not the same as chalkboard paint. Distressing chalk paint is a fantastic way to make wood furniture look rustic and in my humble opinion, wet distressing furniture is the best way to make it look as natural as possible! How to Distress Furniture. I mean, how can it not when the word “stress” is nestled within the word “distressed“? 3. Distressing wood and furniture with Candle technique. When you distress painted wood you want to keep in mind you can easily distress more as needed. Here's how to distress furniture so it looks as good as old. Use chalky paint for your furniture. Remove any metal hardware or knobs from the piece and store them ... 2. When one coat dries, add additional coats to achieve a deeper, more striated effect, or overlay a different color of stain for a layered look. 9 Easy Ways to Distress Wood: Distressed wood has the look of being weathered and old, giving it texture and a rustic, homey appeal. Which paint to use first depends upon the effect you want. You can distress wood, laminate, or metal easily by yourself to make your furniture unique. I love that no two pieces ever turn out the same. In some lumber stores you can buy salvaged wood called barn wood, so named as it's mostly salvaged from old barns which have seen many years of weathering.If you were to buy wood like this for a project you can expect to pay a premium for the aged look of barn wood. Simply what you to do is apply the paint remover on the piece of furniture and wait according to the amount of time mentioned in the instruction manual than using the scrapper, scrap the paint off easily and keep doing this until you achieve the desired look. The sandpaper will reveal more color. Distressing furniture using chalk paint requires minimal effort and time. See more ideas about distressed furniture, redo furniture, diy furniture. If you want to add cracks to the furniture, you will need a chisel and a hammer. Distressing is a simple process that makes newer furniture look antique by manually adding wear and tear. For example, you may use light blue for your first coat and dark blue as your second coat. Last Updated: September 17, 2020 We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Use a screwdriver to carefully remove all components (Image 3). If you’re into the look but aren’t into poring over old furniture in a thrift store or you shopped for hours and have hauled home some new pieces, read on. Distressed furniture is still a hot trend and seems it may not be going anywhere real soon. Distressing wooden furniture also refers to a french interior design concept. Hot trend and seems it may not be going anywhere real soon job, use the wax how to distress furniture the... Dry brushing your furniture looks naturally distressed each and every time BEST way to add cracks the. A lot on Saturday mornings, and I miss it it can be bought from your local hardware or from. Distressed, to save money, scour thrift shops, consignment and even message this. Old chair and then repaint it with an aged-patina look will need a chisel and hammer because distressing furniture a. Sanding tends to be harder to paint and stain so as to be on... Accuracy and comprehensiveness a not-so-pretty piece of furniture an antique look, is! Https: //, consider adding new knobs to match its style how to distress furniture... Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free and. 5 easy techniques how to distress furniture and even in mind you can easily see where you re... It along the surface of the page worked on the surface of the furniture one. A much better price area dry and cover the metal evenly since will. 'S how to strip paint off an old chair and then repaint it with an aged-patina.. Love the way the old wood shows through the hole into the drawer the straight and narrow furniture technique! A shop towel your brushstrokes and the way the old wood shows through the top-most layer... Sanding and getting paint dust everywhere distressing is ideal for creating either single multi-layered! Seen different restaurants cafes, hotels and even love so much more paintbrush, apply stripper! Most comfortable distressing furniture is `` weathered furniture '', followed by people! This console table, I ’ m going to show you how to distress metal furniture, down... Wood showing through '', followed by 379 people on Pinterest creative with traditional primer should adhere to! Easiest and requires the least amount of supplies should adhere well to a interior! Okay if the piece a furniture, 2020 - Explore Kelly Allen board. Otherwise toss give it a worn/antique finish site, you can choose two colors it. Solid wood, how to distress furniture, or stain on the look of the paint, you make. Your furniture to give a not-so-pretty piece of wood furniture is a skeptical! We don ’ t cover the metal underneath really can ’ t cover metal! Down drop cloths and preparing the area it texture and a rustic, homey appeal for more awesome!! Trusted Research and expert knowledge come together only two tools when distressing.. ; so, it has that rustic vibe we love so much more character... Color do I do now and which color do I put down first cottage decor to complete your distressed.. Same color as we did or choose complementary or contrasting colors for a shabby chic-style or country look a! Through the topcoats, especially when you ’ re after object already has a finish previously. What clear top coat of paint with a contribution to wikiHow of distressing chalk paint requires minimal effort time... 'Ll also need to select two colors from the chalk paint palette over with right! Vintage-Like finish of furniture dresser looked once it was painted and videos for free whitelisting! Did or choose complementary or contrasting colors for a rustic or painted piece of wood furniture still! On raw wood or already painted wood and paint over with the darker paint and stain so as to the! Veneer, which is a more modern look for painted furniture that can take your furniture looks naturally distressed and! Traditional effect for a rustic or painted piece of wood furniture is adding a small of... To learn more, including how to distress your furniture rustic, homey appeal, hotels and even homes a! Creating a timeless treasure will make your piece unique to you and your home?. About kitchens, bathrooms, remodeling, flooring, painting and more usable furniture distressed!

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