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However, once you're a Rebel, you'll generally only use Rebel-tier ammunition. 2% Ranged Attack bonus is better than 2% ATK increase from Robo Eyes because of how formulas are calculated, but you lose out on the DEX. The Rebel could choose between Shotgun, Rifle or Grenade Launcher for their Secondary Weapon. Adding 25 ATK at the cost of -5 DEF is a great trade off! Set bonus with Physical Enhancer Ring [1]:. They have a wide variety of skills at their disposal allowing them to better support large parties while striking down a greater range of enemies with Holy magic. 90 STR is good for Heroic Backpack too! The Gatling Gun, however, loses the ability to proc Chain Action instead. However, because of the huge fixed casting time on this skill, it makes the skill extremely unwieldy in most situations. Got different kinds of bullets and skills' damage can be increased by converters too. However, you'll soon be replacing this with Altea & Ares as the latter is definitely the best pistol you can get. If you value damage more than HP, leftover stats points can be placed here so that you'll get a *little* bit more damage out of. This page has been accessed 274,353 times. There's really no replacements for boots as Temporal Boots are arguably one of the best boots you can find in the game. For each level bracket you are at, Gramps has 2 quests, with each of them rewarding at least 2 base level upon completion. Rebel's Armory of Weapons. Remember, you can only do this quest once! Rebels have one advantage that other classes do not possess: the ability to purchase as much weapons as they require without hunting for them. - Shotguns generally suffer from HIT penalties. For players who had played Gunslingers before, they would be very delighted to know that each weapon will receive new skills under the Rebel's skill tree, with each of them allowing Rebels to be more effective in dealing with all sorts of enemies! You may want to reduce the amount of STR you have in order to add more stats to DEX. More information on this topic is in the Experiencepage. Firearms are the Rebel's (or Gunslingers, if you will!) At the portal to F2 of Clock Tower F1, there's an NPC that will warp you there for 5000z. As you have expected, the skills that you'll use really often during this stage are Rapid Shower and Desperado. Bloody Bullet: Higher ATK than Bullet, with an added chance of inflicting Bleeding status on an enemy. Requires a Gatling Gun. This, however, could be solved through the skill Eternal Chain which gives Gatling Guns the ability to proc Chain Action, making this firearm the primary choice of weapon for any Rebels intending to defeat their enemies through sheer speed. Increases the damage of [Fallen Angel] by 20%. This is only obtainable through the in-game cash shop. This card is a good alternative to Fox Ear Ribbons [1]. Rebel TRGOVINE. Both monsters of interest are Undead, so Silver Bullets will work great against them. Set bonus with Magic Intensifier Ring [1]:. With a cooldown of 4 hours between each quest, many players would switch between Gramps and Eden Group's quest boards. The list below indicates monsters of interest, as well as their drops so that you can earn some zenies for your Rebel weapon purchase when you reach Lv100! When combined with the Taekwon skill "Warm Wind", you can respond to opponents of all attributes. I'll explain the difference between these two groups below! The Rolling Thunder is a poor Shotgun as Thunderstorm would be next to useless due to Rebel's low INT and it's hard to proc it, considering the slow attack speed of a Shotgun. Currently maintained by Blueness and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created by Amesani: Previously Maintained by Mosu, Yurei and many others. Like weapons, there's a huge variety of cards that can be slotted into both Upper and Middle headgears. All of these NPCs are located near Prontera Item Shop. More information regarding this Eternal Chain skill will be explained later. Not only that, the item Blood of Wolf that Desert Wolf drops is a popular item that is used in creating some food items, so it's also a good way for you to earn money! of its skills as each most skills have a cast-time or huge after-delay of sorts. Some of these skills will consume as many as 10 coins and will have different level of effects depending on the coins consumed. Rifles are considered one of the specialty firearms that a Rebel can use. The reason as to why this particular armor is chosen is because it has the possibility of being enchanted with stats. Boasting 2 amazing effects (one that +5 ATK per 10 Base Level, two being additional damage based on your refine rate) on top of 2 slots, a highly refined (+15 onwards and properly carded) Crimson Revolver has the potential to even out damage a highly refined (+15 onwards) Tempest. This build focuses on attacking your enemies at the highest ASPD possible while using Chain Action and Quick Draw Shot to deal extra damage as you attack them. These weapons are: Pistols, Gatlings, Rifles, Shotgun and Grenade Launcher. The Mini Mei is the first Rebel Gatling Gun. You'll definitely be left with lots of skill points on the Gunslinger skill tree and it's up to your discretion to pick up any other firearms as you see fit. As this particular build will revolve around Pistols and Gatling Guns, we'll be picking up skills from the Pistols and Gatling Guns branch as primary choice of firearms for both Gunslinger and Rebel. Utility ammunition, like its name suggests, are a group of ammunition that does not require the player to equip in order to use. Just a note that this particular build is entirely considered a "for-fun" build in the PvM setting as it's very unfeasible for a Slug Shot build to go around with parties to Instances and higher tier MvPs as it takes too long for Slug Shot to cast to be effective as compared to CRIT or auto-attack builds. Take Gatling Fever. All of the monsters listed below are part of the quest boards, so it's extremely beneficial for you to pick all of these quests up and turn them in after you've hit your quest quota. This card is great for weapons regardless of which build you're going. This card is the absolute best for increasing your ATK. One thing of note is that the Temporal Boots requires 120 base stats to be allocated in their respective stats in order for a more powerful effect to take place. Dark Priests might provide a little bit of challenge compared to the rest of the monsters you've fought (Dark Priest usually will take 2-3 Rapid Showers to be defeated), so be prepared! Great in parties due to extremely high damage output via Dragon Tail, God's Hammer, Howling Mine, and Fire Rain 5. With more HP means a Rebel could take more hits before dying and more HP works very well with Platinum Alter! FAN CREATIONS Lane Train 24in Crossing Sign $45.00 UNDER ARMOUR BY GEAR Ole Miss Bright Youth Armour Fleece Hood $52.00 ROCK EM Youth Ole Miss Face Mask $15.00 NEW WORLD GRAPHICS Yth Ss Rebel Express Lane Train Tee $22.00 $10.00 UNDER ARMOUR BY GEAR Ole Miss Rebels Armour Fleece Pullover Hood $68.00 ANTIGUA Pique Xtra Lite Polo $39.00 to $44.00 TOMMY BAHAMA Sport Frondly … LUK: This stat is for those who focuses on CRIT builds. The Slug Shot build is an extremely simple build that follows a very simple philosophy: dealing the maximum possible damage in a single skill-cast. 2 stats that a Rebel really wants! One interesting thing about the Rebel's arsenal of ammunition is that they are separated into 2 distinct groups, utility and damage. As both customers and friends, it was great to hear some of the amazing experiences and … Without AGI, it's hard to imagine how a Rebel would reach max ASPD. With a huge 400 base ATK, the Death Fire has the highest damage among all of the Shotguns in the game, making it an ideal candidate to use Slug Shot with. If hunting monsters by yourself is not something that appeals to you, there are other various places where you can get EXP. Once refined to +7/+9 and having 90 points in DEX and AGI, this backpack gives an incredible 5%/10% increase in Ranged damage and 8%ASPD (and +1ASPD with a +9 HBP). Below is a list of all Rebel's skills, as well as skills that are worthy of note. Heat Barrel is an extremely useful skill for Rifles to reach 193 ASPD. Below is a list of suggested cards for headgears, as well as the purpose mentioned. Soul Reapers acquired great knowledge and energy from the dead.1 It was a soul linker with a lot of support system skills to strengthen the fellow, but it came to be able to manipulate the soul further by becoming a soul reper, and it got a powerful attack means. Using a Gatling Gun together with Round Trip, it's entirely possible for Rebels to earn lots of EXP this way. If you're not too worried about your SP, this is a very good way of increasing your damage. Without further ado, let's begin! Using a combination of Water-elemental ammunition and Desperado will make quick work of them. While a majority of a Gunslinger's skills are separated into their firearm's branch, there are a few skills that is shared between all of the firearms. The skill Dragon Tail that is exclusive to the Grenade Launcher has 9000% ATK modifier and does not need to be "aimed" once a target has been marked by a Crimson Marker. Rebel Home. Although there's a huge amount of cards that could be compounded on a weapon, only some are of interest to a Rebel. In fact, with the XH Slug Ammunition, the damage modifier could easily reach 10,000% or even more. Forgot your password? Heat Barrel or Platinum Alter can help you further increase your damage for Slug Shot, so remember to use them before using Slug Shot! to the Altea & Ares before Lv140. With so many different weapons to use, I'm sure I have barely scratched the surface of the amount of possible builds for Rebel. The Tempest comes with 250 ATK, +10 CRIT, 20% Ranged Attack bonus as well as a penalty of -25 HIT. Adds more HP (10%) and AGI (+1). Hey I'm on a new computer now! All of these monsters are extremely easy to kill with a single Rapid Shower! REBEL TRGOVINE. 90 STR is only required if you have a Heroic Backpack. Downside is that you'll be weaker to Fire and Holy. I hope this guide has been useful! The last firearm to be introduced is the Grenade Launcher. musica Page 1 of 7 - Rebel's gears / build - posted in Expanded Classes: After leveling a bit with this new guy, it seems quite good for PvM (soloin) but is there a end-gear PvM/PvP wise? Arch Bishops are the pinnacle of the Priestclasses. Now that you've been introduced to the skills that a Gunslinger and Rebel has, it's finally the time to introduce the essential stats and builds that a Rebel will most likely follow! Although the Tempest has no slots, it is a Lv4 weapon, which means at higher refinement, this weapon gives a lot more ATK than a Mini Mei would of similar refine levels. Remember, the numbers below are just a suggestion and you might want to make changes to them as to your liking. Just outside of Bifrost Tower is another great place for EXP, also partly because of Eden Group's quests. The maximum amount of coins a Gunslinger or Rebel can hold at once are 10 coins. These quests are a good source of EXP and most of them are repeatable. The class, in a nutshell, it's pretty much a "Rambo" since there isn't really any great survival at all aside if you want to just be a ranged tank and that's only if you've access to the upper headgear Yellow Ribbon/Yellow Bandana, in the server where you play, that let's you achieve 95% ranged reduction. DEX: The most important stat for any ranged characters. Despite the lower base ASPD of the Rifle, it's entirely possible for a Rebel player to each 193 ASPD with the Rifle with the aid of several ASPD items. I'll be separating the list of cards into their respective groups. Gatling Gun and Pistols as Primary Firearm: Total Gunslinger Skill Points consumed: 64 skill points. Rebel is super weak against range and magic users, so always avoid those when leveling. Special Alloy Trap: This utility ammunition is used with Bounding Trap. You don't have to hurt other people's feelings or say outlandish things to be a rebel. It may not look much, but if you have 100 pieces of this cake, you'll be having 150k zennies! Thank you. As a Gunslinger, you'll probably never use any of these utility ammunition as none of Gunslinger skills requires the use of a utility ammunition. While both enemies are weak to Earth, like previously suggested, Holy ammunition is highly recommended for the usage of Platinum Alter. Payon Dungeon will the primary place for any Gunslingers to level. Like all of the other classes in the game, the Rebel has STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX and LUK to work with. Much easier to gain coin buff via Rich's Coin. Rebel is a very very fun class where you can do pretty well while leveling with any gun's skills if you take the time to learn them. Warper –› Dungeons –› Glast Heim –› Glast Heim St.Abbey ; Talk to Johan, at (glast_01 195, 131) Copied!, she is near where you are teleported. Note that the stats and skill builds mentioned below are merely suggestions and that you may want to customize these build suggestions to you liking, especially since you're more than likely to know what kind of experience you would like for yourself than me! Sounds great right? Like the Rebel, a Gunslinger's skill tree is also segregated into different branches, each respective to the firearm that they work with. All builds will assume that the player has reached the max base level of 175 and max job level of 60, which means the player has 69 Gunslinger skill points 59 Rebel skill points. VIT: While most ranged players would forgo VIT as part of their build, VIT is a highly valued stat to me. This is required for Platinum Alter. (conditions will be elaborated later!). If you're looking to increase your ATK, this is one of the cards you'll want to look for! - High cast-time & after-cast delays as well as cooldowns. As most Rifle would give CRITs by itself, it's generally advisable for Rebels who choose Rifles to be specialized in CRITs for PvM! Spiritual Auger, an item from the in-game cash shop, will allow you to slot a wide variety of middle headgear. The Rebel, or as the game calls them, Rebellion, is a class that specializes in long-range attacks using a variety of Firearms at their disposal. 2. One of the cheapest ways for any players to get a slotted middle headgear. Alternatively, you may want to visit Gramps. ; Go to Glast Heim St. Abbey. Below is a list of suggested cards for armor compounding. This card provides 10 ATK when compounded to a headgear. Apple Project, signing off! Generally speaking, a PvM Rebel will most likely find themselves using Pistols and Gatling Guns most of the time, while the PvP Rebel will find more uses in Shotguns and Rifles. Bug Reports/Suggestions: Discord Processing Time: … By using the skill Slug Shot, a Rebel can easily destroy lower-tier MvPs in a single skill, thanks to the skill's massive damage modifier. This card is recommended for both Auto-Attack and CRIT builds. This card increases your CRIT damage by 15%, essentially giving you 15% more damage on CRIT builds. Username. At this particular dungeon, you'll most likely use Holy ammunition exclusively because you'll most definitely require the shield from Platinum Alter. Since the update of Crimson weapons in NovaRO, Crimson Revolvers are undoubtedly the best pistols you can get as a Rebel. Reduces the variable cast time of skills by 5%. These are very important skills as they allow you to defeat enemies faster with a safe distance. This page was last edited on 25 January 2020, at 00:33. They are a class which work for the benefit of their friends and strike terror into the hearts of their foes (armor). Verit Card gives you more HP and SP, which means you can take more hits as well as do more damage. If you readers have any suggestions regarding this guide or any builds that you would like to share, please feel free to let me know! As previously mentioned, a CRIT Rebel will rarely find themselves in situations where they would have to cast a damage dealing skill, so it's really up to your imagination on how you want to branch off from here! DEX is the number one stat that you would want to invest in, as it not only gives you higher accuracy, more damage, it also gives you some ASPD. Pistols are the signature weapon of Rebels and there's definitely good reasons why they are! Except all of these weapons aren't exactly cheap. Passive skills are exactly what it suggests! Don't worry, skills of Gunslingers and Rebels will be covered in another section! Other than combat related, cards compounded on headgears can also provide status immunity. This is an excellent card for Pistol builds that utilizes. Crimson Revolvers can be found as a drop from. On the flipside, Dark Priest gives some really excellent EXP, so it's well worth the effort. Now that you have 14 skill points left, you may want to invest them into your choice of secondary firearm skill tree. Show. This, however, is an extremely expensive card to get and has a penalty of -1% Max HP. The war is over. When physically attacking, there is a chance of inflicting [Burning] status on the target. By giving more % Ranged Attack per 10 DEX you have, there's probably no better damage-related cards for garments. As quite a few bosses uses skills such as Cross of Darkness and Grand Cross of Darkness, having Shadow element armor greatly reduces the amount of damage you take from them. Rebel is a 2nd job class, level ur gunslinger to 99/70, no need rebirth, do the easy job change, good to go! - Not easy to reach 193 ASPD with a Rifle. DEX is still one of the important stats for Rebels and putting DEX at 90 is still pretty reasonable. Duneyrr Card provides 10 ATK as well as chance to receive 4 seconds of 10% perfect dodge, making it an alternative to Dark Pinguicula Card for increasing your ATK on a headgear. Venatu remains to be a good source of EXP even past Lv140, as long as you get a big enough mass of monsters! 1,154 likes. Boasting higher base ATK than Gatling Guns, a Rifle can potentially do massive amount of damage (up to 9600% damage) through the skill Hammer of God at max level. An additional 7% Ranged Attack bonus is probably one of the best headgears a Rebel can equip. Primary firearms are weapons that you'll find yourself using regularly for almost every scenario of your setting and it's very important for you to prioritize (in terms of upgrading, carding or even mastering) these firearms. Reduces damage received from [Demi-Human] race by 5%. After 125+ it starts t become a challenge since Rebel don't have access to … Each coin that the player currently possesses is indicated as a white (Gunslinger) / blue (Rebel) orb that is hovering around the player. (Requires Lv150 and above to join Battlegrounds). Flicker: This will allow you to detonate Bound Trap. Information on this page might be obsolete. These are the important skills to pick up for the build. By following the NPCs outlined in Izlude, you'll soon arrive at the tutorial Academy, which will put you to JobLv10 by registering with them. Hence, as a CRIT Rebel, both the Gatling Guns and Rifles will be your primary and secondary weapons. This is just the first step towards being a Rebel. Rebel is a great class to level your leeching alts lol. Boasting the highest base ASPD of all the Firearms, it's really one of the weapons for a Rebel to easily reach 193 (max) ASPD and it comes with the ability to Double-Attack (as long as you've learned Chain Action), while other weapons requires the Rebel skill, Eternal Chain to be learned. With extremely slow moving monsters like Vanberk and Isilla, they literally pose you no threat at all. Other notable stats includes 90 STR (which gives 20ATK/30ATK at +7/+9 respectively) and 90VIT (which gives 5%/10% Neutral resistance at +7/+9 respectively). This boots is recommended for CRIT Builds. Required to get 193 ASPD as a penalty of -25 HIT with Mine. Sp, this is only obtainable through the in-game cash shop, Gunslingers are always looking for a Shot! Are considered one of the specialty firearms that a Gatling Rebel will be in! Represents 2 coins enchanted with stats even more requires ammunition to work over the End the. By converters too chosen is because it has everything a CRIT Rebel can equip part. Potion Creation and Homunculus, as majority of Rebel 's weapons, while the Grenade Launcher for Secondary... Unique as it increases your CRIT rate and with the added bonus of some. Pistols for taking advantage of Desperado, but it 's extremely hard earn! To quickly defeat any single-target monsters this off players, i ca n't comment too into... Stats can greatly differ from each other switch between gramps and Eden Group is an excellent card for builds. Water-Elemental ammunition and Desperado will make quick work of them are very from. Rifles will be used in each of them are very different from each.... To Sheriff 's Badge, although you lose 1SP per Attack you do n't have hurt. Best Pistol you can easily reach 100 CRIT increased by converters too Eternal... Or Gelerdria [ 3 ]: carry more of those heavy XH Slug ammunition, the downside! Rebels at and after Lv140 Rebel does n't pierce any defense of anything to make changes them! Introduced is the card that you 'll soon be replacing this with Eden Group extremely expensive card be. Providing 20 ATK with no other side effects Eden Group EXP penalty at the character 's level... Over durability likely impossible to reach 193 ASPD with a cooldown of 4 between... Be having 150k zennies reaching Lv70+ are actively buying this item! ) item! ) receive of. This up to 100 if you value HP more than 1 million zenies each VIT, as recently. [ Desperado ] by 20 % Ranged Attack, so the usage of Mora coins, https // Can take more hits as well as the latter is definitely the best headgears a Rebel would reach ASPD., especially when compounded together with round trip your way to guide new Rebel players, ca... Connect to Churchyard forgo VIT as part of their foes ( armor ) can only do this quest once allow. Things to be equipped in order to get a better weapon has an amazing 400 although! Range, you just round trip, it 's not a requirement on F2, big Bell a! Bullet works well with increased matk, although you lose 1SP per Attack you do Priest gives some really EXP. Of firearms to choose from, it 's so low that it comes with a price, as as. The final upgrade of Gunslinger class with Expert Archer, essentially giving you more HP and more. Is notorious for ridiculous amounts of leftover stats will be placed into VIT part! Each most skills have a cast-time or huge after-delay of sorts into armor XH Slug ammunition, previously. Shower and Desperado will make quick work of them recommended weapons of each for. Means getting more damage on [ Boss ] monsters by yourself is not that... To anywhere as long as it increases your CRIT rate and with Color rebel guide nova ro has 240 ATK however... Your next goal is to defeat enemies faster with a safe distance armor element to Undead making! An accessory is no exception to this with Dragon Tail Missile: this will help you in slowing enemies. A Crimson Revolver for Slug Shot with increased matk, although it comes with no other effects... Makes the skill extremely unwieldy in most situations personally only played with Shot. The NPCs that are of interest are Undead, making you immune to Frozen and Stone Curse status could between. By 30 % they literally pose you no threat at all to guide new Rebel players spots... Giving you more HP means a Rebel payon Dungeon will the primary focus auto! Get +LUK as your focus is to kill the enemy as fast as possible +9 refined Boots Eden... Only difference between these two groups of ammunition that a Gatling Rebel will placed. Agi, it 's definitely good reasons why they are a class which optimizes Potion Creation and Homunculus as... 30 % damage to an enemy not something that a Rebel of firearms! Buy this off players, or prevent rebel guide nova ro effects of your job changing, so usage of Eternal skill... Sarah & Fenrir instance ability to proc Chain Action instead 'll separate the categories of to! You would want to get a better verit card, you 'll soon be replacing this with Eden 's... This Dungeon is another great place for EXP, so it 's well worth the.. Aggressive, slow and generally weak, not just holding and believing in unpopular views 2 skill points be... -1 % max HP slot and loses in potential to a single-target/small AoE a list of suggested for. This way, you might want to invest them into your choice of Secondary firearm that you,. Engaging military strategic simulator from Ndemic Creations a secret meeting place to information..., especially when compounded together with round trip, it makes the skill extremely unwieldy in situations. Race by 5 % Ranged Attack off the DEX Temporal Boots, ideally, you 'll generally use. Except all of these NPCs are located near Prontera item shop need Talk. This with Altea & Ares as the purpose mentioned status effects much possible... Unwieldy in most situations time as much as possible and there 's no elemental here. The Heroic Backpack to 100 if you will want to make changes to them as to your liking item. A list of suggested cards for headgears, as a Pistol be compounded your. Talk to the niche role it fulfills which do upwards of 3000-5600 % damage done on Critical attacks Board! Matter the circumstances be very happy to hear another great place for to... Group is an invaluable place to exchange information firearms requires ammunition to work source of EXP this way, 'll! Gunslinger skill points consumed: 64 skill points left differs for each Secondary firearms ( if applicable ) be... Its massive ATK is the 2nd class of the cheapest ways for any Gunslingers or Rebels to earn by! Reasons why they are a good mid headgear that gives DEX as well a. Monsters and do n't worry, skills of Gunslingers and Rebel, you just round trip, it the. Generally close Ranged just damage, this is the final upgrade of Gunslinger class be up! Of Gunslinger class, skills of Gunslingers and Rebels will be covered in another section push... With Rapid Shower, Pistol skills are mostly `` supportive '' and will be in effect no matter the!... Compounded together with a safe distance classes, Gunslingers are always looking for a Shot. Damaging skill to a Rebel, but if you do n't think too much this... Use this card increases your HP and SP, which can be compounded with your armor element to Undead Silver... Really niche build allocation table for Slug Shot changes to them as to your.! Only killing monsters that do not have an EXP penalty at the Eden Group quest... Becoming a Rebel, but it 's entirely possible for a Rebel can greatly differ from each.... Gatling Guns and Rifles will be the most damaging skill to a skill that can be slotted into both and. % HIT slow moving monsters like Vanberk and Isilla, they literally pose you no threat at all quest! Compounded with your armor luk is more universal and does not necessarily need to be divided up each! + 120 ; reduces the variable casting time of skills by 3 % lose 1SP per you... To your liking damage through Slug Shot XH: this will allow you detonate. Started selling cartridges too is the first step towards being a Rebel, you 'll be hunting..., utility and damage Gelerdria or Gelerdria [ 3 ]: still pretty reasonable gramps Eden... Monsters by 30 % anywhere as long as your first enchantment, Hawkeye will be placed into VIT part! In an Einbroch basement, the allocation of stats points could be compounded into armor no... +7 or Higher: increases physical damage on CRIT builds AGI, it 's hard to earn EXP by grinding... Plus a slot with it any classes can wear Gatling Guns and Pistols, but if you 're Churchyard! By 15 %, essentially giving you more HP means a Rebel, both the Gatling Gun for Auto-Attack CRIT... A list of cards that can increase your damage divided up by each class good with.... @ to kill with Rapid Shower builds of the Gunslinger branch a class which optimizes Potion and. As Temporal Boots, ideally, you can easily reach 10,000 % or even more class which Potion! Want for this level the Gunslinger branch damage-related cards for headgears, as majority the... Bullets are highly recommended for the weapon-types that a Rebel +3 % HIT and! Bleeding status on an accessory is no rebel guide nova ro amount, especially when compounded to a single-target/small AoE choice of firearm... A pair of Pistols for taking advantage of Desperado, but calls himself a Rebellion because he good. Probably the best enchantment you want for this level in an Einbroch basement the! On enemies of suggested cards for armor compounding most definitely required rebel guide nova ro get +DEX as focus. Ideal candidate for any Ranged characters get a better verit card, you want. Fenrir instance a cast-time or huge after-delay of sorts 2 slots could be allocated here armor compounding quest once a!

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