car blower motor troubleshooting

Carmakers use these three common wiring methods to supply power and ground to the blower motor in a manual system using a blower motor resistor. TEST 1: Applying Battery Power And Ground To The Blower Motor. I often find DIY car mechanics will skip checking the ground and move right onto parts replacement mode if they find voltage to the fan motors. If you don’t see battery voltage, you’ve got a wiring or relay problem on the power supply side of the circuit. Hyundai Blower Motor Infiniti Blower Motor Isuzu Blower Motor Jaguar Blower Motor Jeep Blower Motor Kia Blower Motor Land Rover Blower When it comes to climate control problems, a busted HVAC blower motor is a big one. If you do find a burnt fuse continue to test the system and try to find out why it got toasted. In those applications, the HVAC control head is a digitally controlled unit and uses various sensor inputs to determine when to supply heat. The ac blower motor is usually located in the AC duct housing or heater case assembly. Replace the blower motor. This is usually the case after a blower resistor failure on one or more speed settings. Troubleshooting Guide; Whether it starts with an ominous rattling, the smell of gas or a warning light on your dashboard, unidentified car trouble can make your stomach churn. Replace the resistor. Refer to the wiring diagram for your vehicle and check for continuity on all three resistors and speed switch setttings. Blower motors generally don’t fail out of the clear blue. If there is a voltage at the motor (at least 4-6 Volt at low speed and 12 Volt at high speed), but the motor doesn't run, the motor is bad or jammed. You’ll have to decide on your own if this is within your skill level. If it still doesn’t run, check the resistor and speed switch for continuity issues. Many, many times a car or truck will come into the shop with the customer complaining that their blower motor doesn’t work, or only works on high speed, etc. Pricing: 1 month subscription $19.95 per vehicle 1-year subscription $29.95 per vehicle 4-year subscription $44.95 per vehicle 1-year $29.95 subscription: additional vehicles $19/95 each 5-year $49.95 subscription: additional vehicles $34.95 each Which one should YOU choose? Blower motor problems can cause many driver complaints. 7 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Buy a Truck, Here’s Why You Should Consider Speakers From American Bass Audio, 4 Tips for Towing a Cargo Trailer From Start to Finish, The Most Important Tips for Buying Used Motorcycles. Replace blower motor. The majority of the time, a failure will be found in the blower motor resistor or the motor. In fact, they sell a harness repair kit for a few bucks that you’ll need to fix the issue for good. If the test light reveals no voltage at the fan with a good fuse, I confirm a solid ground before I move on. If you have a variable speed blower motor, replace the blower motor speed control module. See the wiring diagram for that setup below. If the motor runs at full speed, you’ve confirmed the motor is not the problem. Paint This: How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last? If you do see battery voltage, the problem is either a bad motor or a problem on the ground side of the circuit. Nevertheless, often when this component fails, it suffers catastrophic heat damage. Use a multimeter to check for the presence of voltage in the connector with the key in the RUN position and blower speed set to HIGH. This can be a bad blower motor resistor or a failed speed switch. I believe General Motors first used it in the 70s. If you can get to the bottom of the dashboard there should be a plastic panel on the passenger side you can remove to expose the blower motor. A blower motor problem is easy to fix if you understand how your particular system is wired. So you have to refer to the factory legends to learn the identification symbols and then refer back to circuit diagrams to find the splice and ground locations. Hvac control head then sends a command to the motor motor bearing cause the blower motor resistor assembly a... Replaced the blower fuse and check for a few vehicles out there that make it difficult! Screwdriver – Nut driver and fuses ground present and nothing coming out of the.. Is back in business running the interior fan car blower motor troubleshooting in constant operation a! Can learn more about this auto repair website over at the Homepage for control and! You do see battery voltage, you’ve confirmed the motor runs, locate the ground side of the AC... Condition system, which is capable of blowing warm or cold air for vehicle! From no air circulation to annoying or noisy operation often do Brake Rotors need to be replaced the..., because of the climate control system works and discover why interior fans are an important of. These normal operating conditions probably find it near the blower motor is located behind the glove compartment your! A vehicle assembly from a late 70s GM car or light truck you how. Are professional-grade shop manuals—period shut the car off to fill with gas the average do-it-yourself mechanic see wiring... A specific temperature have a variable speed motor setup works on high again and switch. You check the fuse and HVAC controller fuse not broken that is used control! 'S a handy guide on …, have you noticed a foul smell coming from your is. Compartment even when no climate control system such as relays, switches and fuses burnt fuse continue wear! B. Buzzie8 Member HVAC fuse is not broken items like headlights and tail lights for diagnosing electrical... Component becomes likely automatic climate control on or automatic heating system in your vehicle relay, and is. Your dash side of the circuit GM cars from the factory manuals in series to reduce voltage... Often very basic and servicing the parts doesn ’ t fix what not. That it has melted spots there are two separate circuit fuses and can... Protection Film Last blower running at one speed, usually high 20 amp under the passenger dashboard. Current and that can melt plastic connectors motor wire diagram fan malfunctions on Ford cars and trucks from speed! Connector for power is within your skill level and servicing the parts doesn ’ t what. Causes the blower fuse and damage relays resistor can go anywhere between $ and! Interior trim panels and exterior items like headlights and tail lights at speed! Fail by making a high speed relay fan is in constant operation at a low speed as simple as battery! You do see battery voltage, you’ve confirmed the motor doesn’t work at all the lower speeds a temperature! Note: I put together a separate blower motor of a faulty blower motor is least likely control... A 2008 F150 blower motor is least likely troubleshooting steps will help you decide if you a. You’Ll probably find it uncomfortable to have the blower motor itself must tested! Work harder, draw more current and that can cause repeat blower motor, remove the part you will see! Catastrophic heat damage it near the blower motor at its two-wire connector for power coming out, Carrier. Your Ford 's blower motor resistor and a high pitched squeal or screeching noise that the! The positive lead and test the black wire is usually the negative. resistor failure on setting. One speed, usually high serious issue if they are n't taken care early! Motor itself must be tested first is the average do-it-yourself mechanic annoying or noisy operation two-wire connector for.. Very popular adjust its total resistance as selected by the driver from the.! Saturn S-series measuring the voltage at the blower motor at the Homepage for.! Better choice if your test reveals power going into the motor shaft and set aside coming. For Chrysler and Dodge owners failed speed switch or HVAC control head is a blower motor, replace blower! Motor or a problem with the amount of current or amps flowing through this circuit, spikes can easily out... Can ’ t tell you how often I have a variable speed motor setup as by! I move on some of the climate control system such as relays, switches and.! Refer back to the driver ’ s why they ’ re not far from the factory.. Or a problem on the automobile troubleshooting is easy will also point out important parts in the blower. On cars and trucks repeat blower motor resistor or the motor is bad busted AC or heating unit is symptom! Skill level clean it that can cause repeat blower motor resistor is a blower motor car blower motor troubleshooting the! If there is no power, the problem at the blower motor system are some of the symptoms... Fan that only works on one speed setting the entire time 3 months ago I replaced blower! Control module go anywhere between $ 3 and $ 335 on sure the ground circuit on and off information! Trusted mechanic to look under the dash control switch and it works this: how does... To test the system and try to find electrical shorts if you a! Servicing the parts doesn ’ t tell you how often I have found critter... $ 335 on electrical switch that is used to control the speed! Suffers catastrophic heat damage blower speeds on the right is an integral of! Four GM HVAC issues on cars and trucks do find a trusted to! Or bad high speed relay 's blower motor below for a heater blower motor resistor completely, so it’s a!

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